• Sarah
    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • The biggest motivating factor for me purchasing Little Math, is that as a student, I found Maths really boring and I always had to work at it to get A's. It didn't come naturally, and I hated my Math Lessons throughout school. I grew up with siblings who loved Math, and found it so easy and fun to do. I wanted this for my daughter. So from birth, I decided that I was going to ensure that her love for learning extended to Math too.

    I am a working mom, who does not have time for putting together hundreds of Math flashcards, and I think I have forgotten so much of it too! Little Math was the easy and most cost effective choice for me. I am an avid believer in the benefits of Right Brain / Early Education, and the method of teaching my little girl through dots / shapes flashed one second at a time, makes so much sense - and I have seen FANTASTIC results!!!

    I believe that my little girl has developed a love for Math now, and she gets so excited when we put on the Little Math program for her. The different voices keep her interested, and the different shapes used keep her fixed to the screen. Best of all, the lesson curriculum is all done for me already, and I do not have to spend hours preparing her curriculum.

    Help your little ones develop a passion for Math too!

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  • Leanna
    Composer and conductor Leanna with her daughter Nikki

  • I can't tell you how EASY Little Math is to use! As a bit of background, i have been spending a lot of time compiling equations ever since we started Doman's method and let me tell you it is not fun. I just started flashing 4 integer equations. What a pain! Do you have any idea how long it takes to compile 9 equations a day for 2 weeks?

    But with Little Math, you don't even have to think about it, you just press start. And it doesn't get boring for the children because there are different images being flashed all the time, not just red dots, so it is always something new! Not only do i not have to compile equations, I don't have to worry about MY math when we get to mixed equations because it has already been done for us. And with all of the extra material you can download from the Brillkids website the sky is the limit!

    The one aspect of this program that is unlike any other program on the market (and i've tried a lot of them) is the fact that the program doesn't stop after about 50 words or learning amounts up to 100. Because it is on a computer and not a DVD it goes further... much further. It will grow with you and your child! the program is limitless!

    The best money we ever spent on educational materials!

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  • Teo
    Mom from Japan

  • To be frank, Little Math is godsend. It is such a wonderful program. I am getting the feel of Little Math and it is easy to use. In fact, I started using it without reading the manual. I prefer to fiddle with the features to get the hang of it. Most of all, my daughter is beginning to show more enthusiasm in math.

    I have been trying to teach my daughter maths with PowerPoint flashcards. It takes up a lot of my time preparing them. I also have a phobia: is the number of dots correct? Have I accidentally deleted any dot? With Little Math, things become much much easier. I do not have to think of equations. All I have to do is adjust the Presets. Of course, whenever possible I try to customize. I can also change the icons. I also love the sound sets. It is very convenient. Thank you very much for such a wonderful and powerful program.

  • Chandraprabha
    Proud mom of Arjun from Chennai, India

  • My son is one year old now. We started using Little Math from 4.5months. Right from day one he was so attentive and Little Math soon became his favorite.

    I wish to tell you all how much he loves Little Reader and Little Math. My machine crashed and I had to reinstall Little Math. When it didn't work, he got so furious that he broke my keyboard - because he couldn't get to see Little Math. Then I requested BrillKids and found the problem and solved it. And my son is back with his Little Math and is so happy. When he sees Little Math or Little Reader he wont see any where. The whole time he is so attentive and smiling.

    Little Math and Little Reader and the forum screen too had become his favorites. and Little Math his best friend.

    I know that children should be very happy while getting trained in doman or shichida or tweedlewink things. So normally I prepare him to this before showing him Little Reader or Little Math screens. But sometimes when he cries or adamant, to stop him I show him Little Reader or Little Math. He quits crying instantly and keeps smiling.

    At this time I dont use anyother softwares or dvds except Little Math for Math. It is so easy convenient and soooo good.

    My son can do additions,subtractions, and multiplications. He is just one year....Kudos to BrillKids. My heartfelt thanks to Brillkids.

    See the original testimonial post.

  • Vija
    Mom from Latvia

  • My daughter looks at her Little Math lessons like an animation movie, and asking for more and more after every Preset. When I stopped my presentation to look in settings, she started to cry.

    Little Math is much, much better than showing just the red dots. Mothers often stop red dots because it is boring and they can not entertain enough. Little Math has various types of icons, and my child likes it. After watching numbers with bananas she asked to go to kitchen to eat banana. Presentation goes faster than I can make it with my manual dot flashcards, and we have good time together.

  • Manasi
    Sriram's mother, Physician from Texas, USA

  • My son (7 months and 8 days) did it!

    Two days ago, we tested our son to see if he could recognize numbers (dots) and... he could! He was always interested in the dot cards (more than encyclopedic knowledge and reading). However, yesterday we asked him to identify words and ...he could! he could also identify colors! He was 100% correct. I am really happy!

    The words I showed him were shown to him in the beginning (one and a half months ago) and I had stopped doing them since he would look away every time...but apparently, that wasn't the case, because he remembers all of them!

    We tried to record this session using the remote (so that he would'nt see the camera), however, as luck would have it, it did not get recorded properly.

    Anyhow, I am really thankful to everyone on this forum....your posts helped me teach my son....and a BIG thanks to BrillKids for coming up with such a wonderful software. I totally enjoy teaching my son...however, not more than he enjoys learning! Babies are indeed geniuses!

    See the original testimonial post.

  • Martina
    Devoted mother and volunteer English teacher from the Czech Republic

  • Why I love Little Math? Mostly for the same reasons I love Little Reader.

    It is an unbeatable tool for teaching babies and kids math - not only to perceive and identify quantities, but also learn to use numbers in pre-made equations. The pre-made equations save me so much time that I can now use for spending more quality time with my daughter. The support and shared experiences of all the BrillKids forum members are also priceless. Thank you BrillBaby/BrillKids team so much. I highly recommend Little Math and its community to every parent that cares about his/her children.

  • JB
    A mom who believes early learning is an essential part of life from India

  • Well, I have to confess this, I couldn't resist the temptation to do problem solving and did one today...(I just wanted to make sure it works before we move on...silly me! ) We are into day 15 of the curriculum, quantity 14. I am glad to say my little one got it 100% right!

    Thanks to BrillKids for devising such a great product and a great curriculum!

    See the original testimonial post.


  • Vanessa
    Mom from the Philippines

  • I have a very clingy baby. It would be impossible to put her down to seat and show her the math dots. I was ready to give up teaching her until Little Math came! Now she can learn while clinging to me. It made ALL the difference!

    See the original testimonial post.



  • Diana
    Happy mom of Bozhena, a little genius from Zhytomyr, Ukraine

  • My daughter and I enjoy using our Little Math program.

    Our lessons have become exciting for her, because she found red dots boring. With Little Math, mathematics is as fun for us as it supposed to be :)





  • Joan
    Mom from Singapore

  • I love Little Math. It makes teaching math so much easier and so much fun.

    It's much easier to hold my little one's attention and the random placement and icon removes the doubt that babies merely remembers the patterns.

    Thank you for another great product!


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